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Dr. Iacovelli has been working with children, adolescents, and adults with social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties for over twenty years. He received his Ph.D. from Hofstra University in combined Clinical and School Psychology where he specialized in Anxiety Disorders, Anger Management, and Student Counseling. 


Dr. Iacovelli has received specialized training through his varied experiences. As an anger management specialist at the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Anger and Aggression, he worked with people referred for domestic violence, probation for aggressive acts, and school suspension/expulsion. He has also served as a Student Counselor at Hofstra University, where he treated college aged students for a variety of issues, ranging from difficulty transitioning to more severe psychological disorders. As a Crisis Counselor, Dr. Iacovelli helped young adults cope following traumatic experiences, which included sexual assault, HIV diagnosis, and death of a loved one. In the Newark Public School System, he treated children with severe social, emotional, and behavioral concerns. He also has taught a number of graduate and undergraduate psychology courses at Hofstra University, Long Island University - CW Post Campus, and Farmingdale State College.


In addition to his private clinical work with adults and children, Dr. Iacovelli serves as a NYS Certified School Psychologist at a public school on Long Island, helping children and their families reach their full potential in the public education system. This allows him to remain well versed in current education law as well as the NYS Regulations for special education. Dr. Iacovelli often serves as a parent advocate to ensure students obtain the services they need for success from their school districts. He has presented on a variety of topics for various audiences, including at professional conferences, parent teacher associations, school districts, child care councils, and employee groups.

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